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Director of Land Stewardship

Craige Hoover
November 16, 2020
Franklin, Tennessee
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Salary $45,000-$70,000
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A premier destination bringing nature, produce and people together in a powerful and unique way. This position will be responsible for the stewardship of land management including landscape maintenance, horticultural elements, agricultural fields, orchards gardens and related programs. Southall has a commitment to managing the property with ecological principles and leaning towards a future with biodynamic management practices and sustainable decision making.

Location Specifics

Nestled in the rolling hills outside Historic Franklin, Tennessee, 25 miles from Nashville, a 325-acre farm is being transformed into a world-class destination dedicated to the circle of life. Here, history will meet innovation, the earth will feed the kitchen, and the experience will nurture the soul. Southern hospitality evolves, coming 2022.

Position Description

The Director of Land Stewardship will shape the company's culture of land stewardship, and how that inspires and supports the mission and team management to be in alignment with Southall’s sustainable land-based ideology. The Director of Land Stewardship will build, develop and manage staff, teams and budget of landscape, horticulture, agriculture departments. They will Integrate with the departments to support the mission of land stewardship in production methods, sustainable landscape practices and meaningful guest experiences.


● Anticipate, plan and effectuate in order to facilitate and curate a premier, sustainable landscape, farm and orchard destination in Middle Tennessee
● Develop long term sustainable land stewardship plan for Southall property
● Work with executive team to identify, lead and manage the business and governance structures for land stewardship initiatives, such as leasing, contracts etc
● Write custom philosophy and best practices for Southall land management and aligning company culture.
● Work with managers to write, update and implement SOPS for all southall land management
● Participate on the leadership board to direct the project towards a future guided by biodynamic and permaculture principles.
● Provide updates and reports to the executive team for decision making.

Land and Staff Management
● Oversee staffing, budgets and supply sourcing for all land related departments
● Stay educated on national best practices and innovative farm models. Provide professional development for staff.
● Manage: Landscape Manager, Programs Manager and Farm Manager and other related future management positions.
● Work with all departments to ensure the landscape, farm, facilities and staff are prepared for events.
● Leads and participates in the hiring, training and development of teams and staff and consultants/contractors.
● Plans, leads and participates hands-on in landscape/agricultural projects as needed to teach, demonstrate and support field staff
● Oversee and facilitate maintenance and insurance of infrastructure and equipment in collaboration with the director of engineering and department managers.
● Responsible for upholding the highest standard of appearance, cleanliness, excellence, and professionalism
● Coordinate and support program manager and HR team to create meaningful trainings and experiences for team building, culture building on quarterly and monthly basis
● Work with direct reports for annual work plans, establish metrics for performance reviews. Ensure teams are on track to achieve goals.
● Attend department meetings as appropriate to stay connected and support management
● Create an open door policy to encourage communication and friendly rapport with staff
● Report to the General Manager with landscape and ag updates

Public Relations, Marketing, Fundraising and Programing
● Strategize and implement partnerships to broaden local reach
● Network, research and develop relationships for fundraising, grants and leveraging partnerships
● Serve as key liaison for resorts land stewardships efforts to broader community
● Create meaningful connections to local organizations to bring new life and value to the surrounding community and southall
● Provide tours, attend conferences and speak to publications about Southalls land based ideologies and practices.
● Coordinate with marketing and program managers to create content and tone for website, social media and marketing materials related to landscape and farms.
● Identify philanthropic and earned revenue generating opportunities to support land stewardship initiatives and operations

Skills and Experience
● 5+ years of experience in agriculture and/or landscape related fields.
● 5+ years leading/managing teams and staff
● Excellent verbal and written communications, giving/receiving direction, and presentation of plans/results;
● Excellent planning, organizational and resource management/allocation skills – with attention to detail;
● Demonstrated ability to prioritize, manage and complete tasks;
● Working knowledge and reasonable capabilities in Microsoft Office Suite (Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
● Demonstrated ability with constructive, team-centric ​leadership skills;
● Excellent ​team skills​, including but not limited to; listening, coaching, guiding, flexible working, adaptability, collaboration, and facilitation
● Excellent ​communication skills​, including but not limited to; listening, asking questions, building consensus, presenting, obtaining buy-in

Preferred Qualifications
● Background in farming with permaculture and biodynamics
● Developing farm based activities
● Passionate in regenerative farming practices
● Understanding of local food systems and food access
● Resort and destination and/or customer service experience
● BA/BS, ​degree in Horticulture and/or related field

Reporting Relationships
● Reports to the Director of Land Stewardship
● Supervises all farm staff

● Salary commensurate with experience.
○ As a salaried position the schedule will vary by week and seasons.
○ Benefits Package

Occasional Physical Tasks
Continual walking, standing, climbing, stooping, bending, kneeling, reaching, lifting, cutting and carrying.

Equipment Used
Tractors, Bobcat, dump truck, delivery truck, pick-up truck, rental equipment, hand tools, power tools, computer.

Application Process

How to Apply
Please email your resume to​ ​ and state the position for which you are applying in the subject line of the email. Applications accepted on a rolling basis until position is filled. Submit applications by Dec 15th.


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