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Entrepreneur / Business Manager looking to become a Farmer.

July 8, 2022
Reno, Nevada
Type of farm?
Diverse (Animals/Plants)
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Hello, please read all of the way through,

My name is Jessy, I’m 27. I currently live in Nevada but am looking to relocate towards a farm based career. I strive to learn, help others and teach others what I know. I am a well rounded Entrepreneur & habitual learner with a lot of professional experience across various business types and roles including Founding & Managing Businesses, Mining, Sales, Marketing, IT Tech & Advanced computer skills, Leadership, Heavy Equipment Operator, First Responder including Nationally Registered EMT, Volunteer Firefighter, Hazmat Tech, Rescue Tech & Rope Rescue Tech and other roles, titles & experiences. I don’t have direct farming experience but I do have a lot of farming & agriculture knowledge as I’ve been heavily researching & planning to start a farm of my own for the past 2 years. This comes with a strong interest and passion to pursue this lifestyle.

I’m looking for a committed long term, well paying farm position with housing costs covered, on site or close by & that is offering a relocation bonus. Sign on bonuses and commissions would be a strong motivational bonus. Area should be greener & have water close by as I love hiking and fishing & would love to hunt. I can start as quickly as needed as I create my own schedules. I am very dedicated and a high achiever. I would like to find a reputable farm that is willing to teach and possibly become as close as family. I’d like to be able to grow my network of friends, business partners & my overall entrepreneurship to someday buy my own land, homestead and be able to farm it myself. Using hard work, unique marketing and management skills to ensure a profitable career within this lifestyle. I am open to partnerships and negotiations of any kind. I am able to help out with the business side of things as well and possibly offer a very creative business mindset that could offer fundamental ideas, critical analysis & research and even help capture more of your market audience & increase overall margins. I have managed others businesses before, failing and successful, and have guided them to more profit and success. I’ve brought old brick & mortar businesses online and helped with marketing campaigns and strategies to reach entirely new audiences. I may even have updated, new or strategic methods, information, creative ideas, problem solving methods or cost saving methods that may be implemented into your system of doing things. Of course, I’d never force change, and only offer a different point of view.

I am interested in all types of farms, plants and animals. I don’t have a problem with hard work, long hours or getting dirty, managing, leading or following others. I love nature and the outdoors and accomplishing feats with my own two hands. I love learning and will be interested and intrigued every step of the way, even farrow to finish & harvest. You won’t have any problems from me as I’m responsible and flexible and am always willing to go above and beyond my capabilities and role responsibilities. No drugs nor alcohol usage. I will need to socialize and explore the area and become a part of the community so time off will be required, but if emergencies or serious need of help comes up, then I’m always willing to help out. Also, depending on the off season, I’d like to be able to travel and will travel if able to. Of course if needs and timelines are sensitive then they can be talked about. I also will have my own, newer truck I don’t mind getting dirty or adding a few new scratches to.

I cannot add a resume to this form but I am willing to send one, along with any other information needed, if you reach out.
If you’d like to conduct an interview or prescreen interview then we can set that up quickly and I can resolve any questions or issues.

You’re basically getting an extremely dedicated & motivated Business Manager / Partner & Marketer for a Farmer in a 2 for 1 package deal! Who is more than likely taking a pay cut to chase his passion & live a successful, healthy, satisfying & fulfilling life.

My requests:
- Well paying Farm Position
- Relocation Bonus
- Housing costs covered
- Dedicated time off
- Time to travel during off season if available
- Able to Communicate straight forwardly, effectively & honestly.
- A Positive, Healthy, Dedicated & Productive Teaching / Learning environment.
- A non stressful, dramatic, toxic or manipulative environment.

Bonuses, Not all necessary:
- Sign on bonus
- Benefits & Coverages
- Commissions
- Food covered (Meat Mainly)
- Anything else is a bonus.

I am open to consider all offers! I’m always willing to openly talk about what is feasible for you and what isn’t.

Some information that may help me evaluate you & your farm would be:
- Basic Information on owners, workers, location & the farm itself.
- Role & it’s responsibilities & requirements.
- Extra needs other than farming.
- Your offer on what you can provide and what you can’t.
- Photos, please send photos or videos. I’d love to see.
- Any other info is appreciated.

Thank you for reading through and for your interest. I look forward to talking with you!

Location Specifics

Location should have a green environment with water nearby for hiking, exploring, rockhounding, fishing & hunting.


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