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Farm and retreat manager

Conasauga Valley Farm
September 10, 2021
Old fort, Tennessee
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Aquaponics, Bees, Butchering On Farm, Cattle, Chicken, Child-friendly, Composting, Cow Dairy, Direct Market, Dogs, Draft Power Animals, Farm Restaurant, Farm Tours, Fruit, Further Processing, Goat Dairy, Goats, Grass, Hatchery, Off-Grid, Permaculture, Poultry, Tourists (On Farm Events), Tree Farm, Turkey



225 acre farm, fenced and cross fenced pastures traditionally used for rotational mob grazing livestock. The property has 3 wells, a 2 bedroom home, 2 hoop houses, 96'x54' barn with hay loft, 24'x32' shop, 10kw solar array, commercial kitchen with apartment/office above, fruit trees and bushes, 6 established Air BNB spots (camping, rv parking, skoolies, shipping containers) with room for many more. The Air BNB sites have been active for several years and are typically busy throughout spring-fall. The farm has supported the sustainable raising of large herds of livestock and gardens; has hosted a successful bakery and farm store; and a steady Air BNB business. The infrastructure to start a farm/land based business is all here.
I am no longer in a position to be at the farm full time. I am hoping to find someone who has the desire, motivation and knowledge to have a sustainable land based business or practice and maybe doesn't have access to the land and infrastructure. This person would also manage the Air BNB sites and would receive a portion of the profit. Rent is negotiable.

Location Specifics

Under 2hrs to Atlanta, 1hr to Knoxville, 40 minutes to downtown Chattanooga, 200yds from Cherokee national forest, 10 min to hiking, mountain biking, foraging, whitewater rafting/kayaking, etc.

Position Description

Seeking an individual, family or group interested in sustainable agriculture. The farm is currently insured for on farm sales, to have guests, host classes, and nature walks, etc. with the infrastructure you need to start your own farm business. It would also be your responsibility to manage the Air BNB sites for a cut of the profit.


Whatever business or practice is being used on the land it would responsibly manage the land for future generations.

Application Process

Send resume to

Land Description

225 acre farm, fenced and cross fenced w 3 wells, 2 bedroom home, 2 hoop houses, barn, shop, 10kw solar array, commercial kitchen w apartment/office up top, 6 Airbnb spots (camping, rv parking, skoolies, shipping containers, w room for many more.

Goals/Vision for Farm

To be a source of information and experience in sustainable agriculture

Housing provided

There is a nice 2 bedroom home, dry apartment above kitchen, or you could rent these out and live in your tiny house, etc. for more income.

Qualifications Required

Experience farming and a desire to share knowledge.

Application Process

Send resume to