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Hello, my name is Alex. :-)

Alex Emery
November 16, 2020
Everett, WA
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Good day, :-). My name is Alex Emery. I am 36 years old. For the past ten years I have worked as an aircraft mechanic. Now I no longer feel aligned with aircraft mechanics and am in transition toward a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. I live in Everett Washington State. I have a chocolate lab named Bear and I am looking for a regenerative farm to come and work on and learn from. I would like to live on site in my camper. I have skills such as carpentry, electrical, machinery and mechanics. I'm eager to be hands on on a farm and work with kind people who are passionate about regenerative agriculture just as I am. I'd like to learn together. I do not want to be part of a dictatorial farm where I'm viewed as hired help and only hired help. More than being passionate about farming, I'm passionate about forming great, respectful human relationships above all. I attempt to be ego neutral and give respect above all to form trusting, balanced relationships. I am a methodical, efficient and steady worker. I am happy to lead projects and also happy to follow.
If you feel that I may be a good fit on your farm or have ideas about where I might be able to find work on a regenerative farm I would love to hear from you.

Thank you for reading my add.
Take care.

Alex Emery
cell 425-280-1970.

Location Specifics

I'm open to moving across the country to work on a farm.

Farm/Work Experience

I have never worked on a farm. I did grow up in the country and have helped out bucking hay many times and have been around livestock quite a bit. I feel comfortable in the mud and the slime. I am a skilled carpenter/mechanic and typically am the guy people ask for help because I have skills in many different areas.

Room and Board Requirements

I'll need a secure place to park my truck, camper and trailer. I'll also need a space to set up a smallish dog kennel for Bear or be allowed to let bear run free with me as that's what he prefers. I'd like to have access to a washer and dryer once a week. I'd like access to the internet via wi/fi. I'll need an extension cord to hook up power to my camper. I'd like to have access to a hot shower. Other than that, I'm easy. If not being paid for the position I'd ask to be fed.


Carpentry, fishing, hunting, farming, business, soil health, ufc, youtube learning, camp fires, audible book learning, friendships, mentorships, teaching, nutrition, brain storming, creating wood art, art of all kinds, music, learning to play instruments, connecting with community, selling farm goods, family, spiritual learning and exploration, travel, home, animals, my pets, body systems, regenerative agriculture.

Farm Team Qualifications

I have a lot of good qualities. My best quality I feel is my attitude. I am humble and kind. I will not be walked on and I am strong willed. Relations need to be a win/win. I'm the first on the job site and I'm the last to quit. I enjoy physical work. I give everyone the benefit of the doubt. I'm calm. I'm happy and joyful. :-). I'm a good planner. We only have a little bit of time on the planet. No sense stressing out about every little thing and making life miserable for myself and those around me. The thing to do in my view is to do what can be done now and then do what can be done after that.