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Becky Howe
July 23, 2020
Kirbyville, Missouri
Type of farm?
Diverse (Animals/Plants)
Start Date
End Date
Work Schedule
8 hours a day 4 days a week
housing and food, monthly $300
Housing Available
Housing Location
On Farm
Meals Provided
Which Meals
Lunch, Dinner
Application Parameters
Families Welcome, Male, Female
Positions Available
Tag Words
Bees, Butchering On Farm, Chicken, Composting, Cooking, Ducks, Eggs, Fruit, Goat Dairy, Nuts, Orchard, Permaculture, Poultry, Swine, Turkey, Vegetable



We have 2.38 acres and are in the process of starting our farm. We have health issues that are hindering our progress. My husband and I tested positive to lots of food allergies. We are both obese and trying to get our health back through healthy lifestyle. And want to start producing our our food. We have consulted with a permaculture planner and are waiting on the plans to arrive.

We are planning on milk goats, feeder pigs, ducks (meat and eggs), rabbits( meat), fruit trees, berry patches and a large garden with greenhouse. We need to set up the fencing so the animals can be rotated in the pens. We need to level out the ground and build some swales. We are also setting up water catchment system and solar systems. There is so much to work on. We need someone stronger and younger to help us . We can offer room and board. We would love to find a younger person who would like to gain some experience in farming and working the land.

Location Specifics

We are located 30 minutes from Branson Missouri. Our tiny little community is called Mincy and is not even on the map. We are about a mile from Bull Shoals Lake. We have Kayak's and they would be available to take out on the lake. We have a nice little property and it is hot summers here and mild winters.

We have 3 bedroom 2 bath home on the property. My husband myself and my mother live here.
Our property has full hook up for a RV if you have one. Electric, water and sewer.
No pit bulls allowed on our property. Since we have and plan on more farm animals.

Position Description

install fencing, electric and metal fencing
feed animals, rotate them in the pens
help set up green house and care for garden
help build farm pens and animal houses
help plant orchard guilds
Harvest hickory nuts and market at local farmers market the nuts and hickory chips for smoking

Education Potential

learn animal care, gardening, permaculture , rain water catchment systems and solar sytem set up

Food Provided

meats and veggies


Must be able to work on carpentry project to build animal housing and fencing. Must be able to feed and care for animals. Must be able to tend garden watering and harvesting and pruning plants.
Must be able to lift and carry weights over 100 pounds. Must have a valid drivers license . Must be able to follow directions and instructions. Must be able to operate hand tools and power tools/

A desire to work on a farm and learn about permaculture. Willing to work with my old and slow self who has a desire to farm and not as much strength and agility as I need to get the job done.

Application Process

Please email us your contact information.
We will contact you about an phone interview.
Then arrange a visit to the property to meet each other in person and discuss possible arrangements for the position.
We will require a back round check and a drug test.


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