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Looking for community for cooperative homesteading

Theresa Myers
April 26, 2023
Dallas, TX
Type of farm?
Diverse (Animals/Plants)
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Cattle, Chicken, Child-friendly, Composting, Dogs, Eggs, Fruit, Goats, Grass, Multi-species, Organic, Pastured, Poultry, Tourists (On Farm Events), Vegetable, Woodworking



We're looking for like-minded, freedom-committed people interested in creating more self-sufficiency and sustainable community to raise people, food and a nourishing environment. We want something in the region to north/south/east of Dallas, preferably no more than 90 minutes from Dallas and are considering various possibilities to build from, including goats and chickens, hay or grazing rights, and perhaps airbnb or some sort of camping or retreat activity to diversify income. We're a family of three with a teen-aged daughter and free to move after her school year is completed. We would love to have a few other families or individuals who want to co-create. Steve has experience growing up on a small homestead in upstate New York, we would be new to Texas relocating from California. Please reach out if this is of interest, or if you have any leads on similar. Would love to share ideas!

Location Specifics

Steve works in tech mostly remotely, with a branch office in Dallas, so that's why Dallas is our target, until he is ready to move full-time to farming. We might be open to other areas though, if the situation was right. We would like to have water on the property, proximity to a lake, and trees.

We've been thinking in the range of 20 acres, or possibly less with adjacency to additional tracts that might be available later.