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Married hetero couple preferably with one or more young children

Don Henke
March 10, 2020
Goshen, Virginia
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Want young, hetero, married couple with, or without, young children who want to take over an existing eco-organic vegetable farm in Northern Rockbridge County (Goshen) The farm already has a guaranteed market with restaurant businesses in Bath County and a supply agreement with Bath County Schools for its student lunch program in school year Fall 2020 with continued options in subsequent years.

This farm is established, in perpetuity, as an eco-organic vegetable farm and may not host domestic agricultural animals, except a flock of laying hens numbering less that 46 birds. The farm presently hosts two self-sufficient barn cats for rodent control. Presently, domestic pets that do not perform a farm service are not permitted, due to agreements with adjacent neighbors.

Any plants, except cannabis, are permitted, including mushrooms and non-invasive exotics. The farm is already equipped with hoop houses, deer-fenced gardens and most of the tools and equipment, trucks and a sawmill, used in farming operations. The dwelling is a six room log cabin built in 1839, is simple, is heated with wood stoves, using wood off the 57 acres of mature timber surrounding the farmstead. The farm is almost completely surround by USFS, is principally solar powered, has an inexhaustible water supply and irrigated hoophouses. The farm cannot be "owned" but the owners will grant a lease as follows:

First Year Trial Lease "try it and see". Then, on mutual approval of the parties, to be followed by a Five Year Tenancy lease, then to be followed by a 25 Year Tenancy Lease. The Lessee may terminate the Five and 35 Year Lease on six months written notice to the owner.

The First Year Trial Lease "try it and see" requires payment to the owner of 20% of the dollar value of the billed sales, payable at year-end 2020. There are no production quotas required by the Owner in the First Year Lease. The subsequent Five Year year will include a negotiated production quota expressed in dollars in which 20% of the gross dollar proceeds will be paid to the Owner at calendar year ends. Owner reserves the right to audit the financial records of the Tenant's enterprise. Tenant is granted marketing right to the name of the farm or may elect to use any other name so long as the enterprise is set up as an LLC so as to retain the tax advantages of an agricultural enterprise in a A-2 zoning district.

The primary school system is Fairfield Elementary, but Bath County will consider applications from non-county children to attend the Millboro Elementary School which happens to be the top rated elementary school in Virginia. There is a modest annual tuition fee of about $200 per student required for "out of district" students. Goshen is a very small community with very scant resources located approximately 25 miles south/southwest of Polyface Farms. Finally, the farm is the property of a resident of Florida. Don Henke is the property manager who lives in Lexington. His phone number is 434-996-3257

Location Specifics

553 Big River Road, Goshen 24439


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