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Sustainable Livestock Management Grad Student Looking for Work/Experience

Brianna Klein
May 4, 2020
Anywhere in the US, Anywhere in the US
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Livestock (All Animals)
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Hello everyone! My name is Bree and I am 27 years old and from Wisconsin. I went to the University of Wisconsin where I studied International Studies, then commissioned as an officer in the United States Army where I served as an artillery officer. Since I've been out, I have developed an unrelenting passion for sustainable and regenerative agriculture. I am going to be starting an online, part time Master's program through Colorado State University in Sustainable Agriculture in the fall and am looking to work on a farm/ranch and be a student during the entire time it takes to complete the degree. I am so excited!!!

Last summer, I went to Wyoming to intern for the Hecht Creek (Black Market Farm) Ranch. They have over 700 head of cattle, pigs, sheep, horses, and chickens and practice holistic management of the land. This is the happiest that I've ever been in my life! I would say that working there has given me a great overview of how to run a ranch and I can confidently complete any standard ranch task given to me. I am going back for the summer of 2020 and looking for work for after that time period, which ends September 15, 2020. I am excited to continue learning, love a challenge, and am constantly looking for ways to improve the land and increase efficiency, as well as improving myself!

If I work for you, you can expect me to be engaging, curious, positive, a very hard worker, responsible, enthusiastic, community-oriented, and quick to adapt. I can provide references and a resume upon request.

My ideal job would be longer term as I work on my online degree. I am willing to move anywhere in the US. My true passion lies with cattle, but am willing to work with any and all livestock! Some of my skills include the following: fixing fences, grazing management, irrigation management, maintaining animal records, inspecting livestock health, tagging livestock, butchering chickens, working horses, brandings, corral work, cattle drives, driving a tractor, backing up a trailer, operating an excavator, CSA/farmers markets, feeding, doctoring livestock, calving (sheep/cattle) daily chores, and holistic management of pastures. I would love to learn more about farm machinery/fixing equipment, construction, and horse/stock dog training.

I am extremely open minded regarding the type of work as it relates to an apprenticeship, part time, full time, or even working in exchange for room & board only! What I care most about is being outside, connecting with nature and the animals, and hard, rewarding work.

Dropping the city, corporate world was the best decision that I have ever made. I hope that you have a great day and that you will consider me for your farm in the fall/winter of 2020!