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Working Organic Garden Manager

Karl Kazaks
January 12, 2023
Sandy Ridge, North Carolina
Type of farm?
Produce - Vegetable/Fruit
Salary offered/Rental Fee
Compensation is dependent on experience but competitive. On-farm housing may be an option. Insurance is an option. The position is salaried, continuous, and year-round.
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Bees, Butchering On Farm, Cattle, Chicken, Composting, Farm Restaurant, Flowers, Forestry, Fruit, Further Processing, Grains, Grass, Holistic, Horses, Livestock, Multi-species, Orchard, Organic, Pastured, Pheasant, Poultry, Vegetable



Carrrollwood Farms is a growing farm estate in North Carolina's northern Piedmont.

The farm has many components, including two acres of existing and six acres of planned organic vegetable gardens, as well as a 4500 square foot greenhouse. A small orchard of mature apple and pear trees has been planted and an equestrian center is planned.

Location Specifics

Located in Stokes, Rockingham, and Henry Counties.

Land Description

Job Description

Carrollwood Farms has two acres of existing gardens, farmed in 2022 almost entirely organically. This winter we are adding 6 more acres in a separate but adjacent location for organic production.

The two acre garden is encircled by a deer fence and has adjacent to it a 125 gpm well.

In between the two gardens is a small orchard of mature, bearing-age fruit trees. The orchard will not be managed organically.

A garden barn has been permitted and will be under construction this winter. A 4,500 square foot greenhouse has been built and is on hand for starting plants and other uses.

The Organic Garden Manager is responsible for all gardening in the two garden locations as well as the greenhouse. The Garden Manager will report to Ownership and the farm's Manager.

The Garden Manager will be responsible for germinating and cultivating all crops in the gardens, up to and including harvest as well as the removal of the season’s crops and establishment of winter and/or summer cover crops, as relevant. Horticultural methods used will be decided jointly by in the input of the Garden Manager, Ownership, and the farm's Manager.

The Working Manager will be responsible for record-keeping and data management. It is expected that the Working Manager will be someone who is experienced with measuring and keeping record of pertinent garden dates such as planting date, harvest date, seeding rates, and more.

Adequate equipment including a variety of small tractors and implements are on site. The Garden is presently being nurtured by dedicated part-time employees. In 2023 we anticipate donating the harvest from the new, larger garden to a community group; as such, we are expecting volunteer aid from that group to help with the maintenance and harvest in the garden. The Garden Manager will be responsible for overseeing for the care of the equipment as well as the management of the paid staff and future volunteers.

Carrollwood Farms is looking for an individual experienced in organic garden to help make a showcase-worthy garden. This role is ideal for someone with enough experience under the belt to feel invigorated by a challenge such as this, someone willing to use this opportunity to realize their dream of making a world-class garden come to life.

The right candidate will have knowledge of organic farm methods including, for example, organic pesticide management - when to use BT and when something faster-acting is required.

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Application Process

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