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Blue Ridge Health Retreat
January 1, 2022
Charlottesville, Virginia
Type of farm?
Diverse (Animals/Plants)
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Bees, Butchering On Farm, Direct Market, Fruit, Further Processing, Goat Dairy, Grains, Grass, Holistic, Non-GMO, Organic, Pastured, Permaculture, Tourists (On Farm Events), Vegetable



Start Now.
We'll use the infrastructure here to prep perennials , berries and hoops for spring. and finish cabins.
March we open to Farm Stay Guests.
Thats when the greens come in
Thats when the kids are born and milk freshens
Thats when the money comes
We have to be ready by then.
Paying Guests stay and are restored with our amazing fresh organic food & products, provided or prepared.
Exceptional Destination one hour to Charlottesville.
This is more like being self employed then a job, staples, utilities and room provided
percent profit paid depending how soon you come and make it happen
come with savings. you probably need a car, bike and verison phone. No counting hours, gotta give a Damn
Also local farmers mkt & herd share milk sale
preference given to long term Extinction Rebellion intentional community building residents

Location Specifics

Please tell us about yourself, prose is better then resumes. Why Farm?
add skills and experience, age, gender, obligations, applications to other farms, physical limitations, medications
sorry, no minors


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