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Aging farmer seeks help/intern/long term TENANT or FARM BUYER

Adriana Lynch
May 6, 2024
Corbin, KY
Type of farm?
Livestock (All Animals)
Start Date
Work Schedule
About 6 hours a day, 5 days a week
Housing included. Dollar rate depends on experience. $5-$8/hour
Housing Available
Housing Location
On Farm
Meals Provided
Application Parameters
Families Welcome, Male, Female, Other (explained in position description)
Positions Available
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Seeking someone eager to transition into farming, as an intern, as a tenant/leasee, or as a farm owner.
As an INTERN, you will learn to manage two sheep flocks on two farms four miles apart, and to do farm maintenance as needed. You will learn about sheep husbandry, pasture maintenance/improvement, livestock guardian dog care, tractor operation, fencing skills, chainsaw use, and small-scale sawmill operation. Your accommodation will be an insulated cabin, 12ft x 30ft, fully equipped with electricity, well water, propane gas heater, shower, toilet, septic tank , air conditioner, kitchenette.
As a TENANT, you will take out a long term lease on one or both of my farms. The terms of the lease will require that you use regenerative farming practices, and do not farm cattle unless specific conditions are met (including: fence out ponds and creeks, restrict cattle access to certain barns). You will have the option of buying one or both sheep flocks (80 -100 Katahdin hair sheep in each flock). I would be willing to mentor you in sheep husbandry and other farm skills. The lease will permit additional farm enterprises such as chickens, vegetable production, and agri-tourism, subject to my approval. As a long term (10 year) tenant you will be eligible to apply for USDA grants. As tenant, you will have the option of renting the use of farm equipment such as field mower, fertilizer spreader, disc harrow, no-till seeder, tractor. The lease includes the cabin, described above.
As a BUYER, you will be able to buy one of my farms, 88+ acre Jumbuck Farm immediately.
My other farm, Lynch Farm, is not yet for sale but will be put up for sale eventually, before or after I die. As the owner of Jumbuck Farm, you would be given preference to buy Lynch Farm. Meanwhile, you will have the option to lease the sheep fields on Lynch farm, and buy its sheep flock. Lynch Farm is 175 acres, with about 70 acres being under pasture and well developed for sheep (with insulated water troughs, ponds, creeks, several barns/sheds for shelter, subdivision fencing, and management yards).

Location Specifics

The entrance to Jumbuck Farm is opposite 6972 Highway 511, Rockholds, KY 40759. The property abuts the Rockholds community. It has frontages on Ky Hwy 511, Highway 26, and Bear Hollow Rd.

Lynch Farm address: 3634 Highway 511, Corbin, KY 40701.

Both farms are in Whitley Co, KY, a predominantly rural county. Williamsburg, about 12 miles south of the farms, is the county seat and the location of Cumberland University and Whitley Co High School. Corbin, about 12 miles north to the farms, has a larger population than Williamsburg. It is the location of Corbin High School and has a branch of Eastern Kentucky University. The city of London, about 30 miles north of the farms, has a community collage.
Whitley County has a farmers Market open from May till the fall.
The city of Lexington, an hour and a half to the north, and Knoxville, an hour and 15 minutes to the south, are large cities with thriving farmers markets accessible to Whitley Co farmers.

Position Description

Must be hard-working and eager to learn all aspects of sheep farming and farm maintenance.
Accommodation is a single cabin suitable for a single person or a couple. If a couple, one or both may be interns.
Accommodation is free, with labor remuneration $5/hour( inexperienced intern) ~ $8/hour.
Having your own transport is much preferred. If you do not have a vehicle, you must be happy to spend almost all your time alone on the farm. A general store is set to reopen nearby very soon. A Dollar General is a half mile away.
Work you will perform:
sheep herding, tagging sheep, banding (castrating) lambs, vaccinating, worming sheep, record keeping, feeding livestock guardian dogs daily, performing daily flock checks, water and mineral checks, refilling creep feeders, mustering sheep, helping market sheep, repairing fences, constructing new fences, operating tractor, mowing pastures, controlling invasive plants by lopping autumn olive shrubs, slashing vertical kudzu vines, chain-sawing fallen trees etc., helping operate a portable sawmill, burning brush piles, planting trees, farm carpentry jobs (building creep feeders).
NOTE : The position comes with a cabin as accommodation, and suits a couple or a single person. If a couple with children wish to apply, they should consider providing extra space for themselves in form of a tent or camper. If their stay were to become long term, additional accommodation could be discussed.

Education Potential

You will learn all aspects of sheep farming:
- daily chores, seasonal tasks, and long term planning.
- lambing/birthing assistance, care of bottle lambs (in lambing season)
- nutrition
- diseases, and prevention and treatment thereof
- sheep economics: comparison of different economic models from pasture-only to dry-lotting.
- the advantages of sustainable and regenerative methods of farming
- potential for attending sheep workshops and other public farming activities
- different types of farm fence
- basics of farm fence construction
- basic carpentry (building /repairing facilities) - use of power and hand tools
- chainsaw use and maintenance
- operation of portable sawmill

Food Provided

Slaughter lambs are available if intern is interested in learning to slaughter and process.


The intern is expected to fulfill all tasks conscientiously and in a timely way.
Do not apply for this internship if you just want a job - you can earn better money elsewhere. Interns are expected to be genuinely and pro-actively interested in learning about sheep production and all aspects of running a farm.
The intern must be honest and trustworthy. There will be zero-tolerance for dishonesty.
The intern must be safety-minded. Heavy machinery such as a tractor and attachments, and power tools like chain saws are inherently dangerous, and safe operating procedures must be practiced at all times.
The intern must follow my instructions. While I tolerate someone asking why I want things done a certain way, and am happy to explain why, I do not tolerate someone deliberating flouting my authority. I don't wish to stifle initiative, and am not opposed to changing how I do things, but changes must be discussed and agreed upon.
The intern must have tolerance for their - and my - mistakes!! Stuff-ups do happen - even when everyone is trying their best. We must be patient with each other when slips are made.

Application Process

email me, describing yourself and your objectives:
Or Call/text: 606-521-2813
or FB Messenger me from my farm page, Jumbuck Farm
or from my website,

Send a resume if you have one.
I would like to read two references.


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