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Welcome to the add a position page.

Please complete the required information section (highlighted in red), then proceed to the section that fits your advertisement. (For example, if you are placing an ad looking for a Farm Manager. Fill in the required information, then fill in Section C. Ignore all other sections.)

Sections are labeled as:

Place Your Ad – Required Information for All
Section A – Looking for a Farm Employee Only
Section B – Looking for an Intern/Apprentice Only
Section C – Looking for Farm Manager Only
Section D – Looking for Land Only
Section E – Looking for Experience (apprenticeship/internship)
Extra Information for All (Optional)

It’s easy to do, just follow the color coding system!

Note: if you are posting more than one position, please fill out and pay for each ad individually.

About Eager Farmer

Enthusiastic, earnest, intent, industrious, enterprising, hardworking, persevering and diligent. These are synonymous with the word Eager. I think these words are also a good reflection of farmers.

If we didn’t love it, we wouldn’t do it. I know you’re thinking it too, there are days that you wonder “why didn’t I just stay with the 8-5 job?” And yet, the next morning, we get up, put on our boots and march on. Day after day, following our passions and living our dreams.

At some point, we realize that our passion and dream has become bigger than just us. It’s no longer just the spouse and the kids. We need help to take it to the next level.

Whether part of that dream is to teach the next generation, expand the farm to meet the demands of customers, or growing to accommodate energetic entrepreneurs, my dream is to help you meet yours.

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It’s easy!

We have online templates to walk you through the process of posting the perfect help wanted or resume for the position you are seeking.

It’s affordable!

Finding help, experience or land shouldn’t break the bank. $10-20 per month will get you a full page, in-depth ad. No membership fees or hidden costs.

It’s worldwide!

Advertising is not limited to the USA. All countries are welcome!

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